Bunny Hop 5K Walk
 11 April 2020 www.bunnyhop5Kwalk.org
Winthrop University Athletic Coliseum – Rock Hill, SC
Fundraiser for Ocular Melanoma Foun­­­dation

 Bunny Hop 5K Walk History:

Bunny Hop Co-Director (Carol Bagwell) is herself an Ocular Melanoma (OM) cancer patient.  During 2019 Carol had received financial aid from the Ocular Melanoma Foundation (OMF) in the form of travel assistance and accommodations for herself and a care giver to Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA.  Carol decided to hold a fundraiser to benefit OMF in the form of a 5K Walk to help provide financial aid to other OM patients across the USA.  Carol’s battle with OM started in year 2011 with the removal of her left eye .  In year 2016 the OM had spread beyond her eye and metastasis in her liver resulting in surgery to remove the OM tumor from her liver.  In February 2018 the OM had returned to her liver and Immunotherapy (drugs to stimulate the body’s own immune system) was administrated via IV directly into the blood stream.  Through the year 2018 all treatments and surgery had been performed in Charlotte, NC which is close to her home in Rock Hill, SC.  The Ocular Melanoma Foundation (OMF) came to her aid in July – October 2019 when additional treatment was required at Sidney Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA (one of the few cancer centers offering the Immunoembolization treatment which involves drug injection directly into OM tumors within the liver). Within a few months, OMF came to Carol’s aid again, as additional trips to PA were required (during November & December 2019) due to scan results showing tumor growth had continued within the liver.   Radioembolization treatment was performed with a radioactive isotope being placed inside each tumor within liver.  Carol is now waiting for FDA approval of another OM treatment which when approved can be administered at Duke University, NC.  Carol is available to discuss her treatments with other OM patients via email:  carolbagwell6@gmail.com

 Bunny Hop Objectives:

  • Bunny Hop 5K to raise awareness, via Public & Social Media, of Ocular Melanoma (a rare and deadly cancer originating within the eye) which currently has no cure.
  • Fundraiser for the Ocular Melanoma Foundation (OMF), a non-profit with headquarters in Washington DC offering financial aid to Ocular Melanoma patients.


  • Educate general public on Ocular Melanoma and promote the Bunny Hop Walk though social media, news papers, local radio live interviews, listings on local Runner/Walker events provided by athletic retail stores, Running Clubs, Civic Organizations.
  • Raise $28,000 to support the Ocular Melanoma Foundation (OMF).
    • Note: OMF CEO and Board Members take no salary.  OMF employs a few part time employees across the USA.
    • OMF mission is to increase awareness, provide education and financial support to Ocular Melanoma Cancer patients and families, and support Clinical Research.
    • OMF has established a Bunny Hop financial account
    • 100% of “Donations” to OMF are to be used for financial assistance to (1) patients and care givers travel assistance and accommodations to cancer centers offering approved high level treatments/clinical trials (Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA being the main clinic for these treatments). (2)  Patients requiring financial assistance in obtaining a prosthetic eye with a base cost of $5,000+ (victims of OM generally require the removal of an eye as the initial treatment).

Marketing Strategy:

  1. Donations:
    1. “High Volume” or hundreds of small individual on-line donations ($10, $20, $50, $100) by individuals or organizations, thus giving all an opportunity to provide HOPE for OM patients.  Individuals or groups which may not be available to attend the Bunny Hop 5K can participate by making donations.
    2. Fundraiser competition for Top 10 trophies and appreciation medals for all competitors, allows walkers to solicit “High Volume” of small donations in support of OM patients. 100% of funds identified as donations will be used to help patients.
    3. Sub-Event: Group or Volunteer/Civic organization may want to hold a sub-event such as a yard sale, bake sale, etc. and make a donation to OMF via Bunny Hop 5K.  Excellent way to provide HOPE to OM cancer patients.


  1. Sponsors: Companies wishing to support the Bunny Hop 5K Walk are much appreciated.  These funds will be used to support the event expenses with Net funds (post event expenses) to be treated as donations listed above.  Sponsor benefits include: Link to Sponsor Web site from Bunny Hop Web site, Company name and web address on event T-shirt, Sponsor names listed with event advertising or media coverage, company brochure made available on event day at registration tables.


  1. Walker Entry Fees: All ages welcomed to show your support for HOPE by participating in the 5K walk on the scenic grounds of Winthrop University Coliseum area.  Paved roads, no traffic, beautiful well maintained grounds, wooded areas, athletic fields, and a small lake.  Entry fees include an Event T-shirt with the logo Bunny on front and Sponsor names on back of shirt.  Please try to register on-line early to ensure you receive one of the beautiful event shirts.

  Walkers are also welcomed to show your support by participating in the fundraiser competition by having individuals make a donation in support of your walking in this event.

(Official fundraiser form available at www.bunnyhop5kwalk.com.  Funds to be received at       registration tables on Event morning.  Cash and checks accepted.)

  • Note: “Net” event Sponsor fees/Walker entry fees (post payment of event expenses ie:  (Liability insurance, University fees for use of grounds and police, awards, T-shirts, rental equipment, misc) will be transferred to the donations account listed above with 100% of these funds dedicated to helping OM patients.
  • Note: There are currently two (2) OM patients in Rock Hill, SC,  Twenty two (22) OM patients in Huntersville, NC (a unique cluster of patients including many young people), and another cluster of Thirty Six (36) former Auburn, AL students has been identified.